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Smt. Anusuya Educational Scholarship Scheme

Providing Tuition Fee Scholarship/ Financial Support under Smt. Anusuya Educational Scholarship Scheme:

BIHER is pleased to provide Tuition Fees Scholarship / Financial support for their Ward’s education under Smt. Anusuya Educational Scholarship Scheme.

The respective Deans /Principals are hereby informed to process tha applications for Smt. Anusuya Educational Scholarship Scheme in the attachment. (Annexure II). After screening of the applications, Staff Members will be intimated over the decision of the panel as listed in the attachment, are found to be eligible for receiving the Tuition Fee Scholarship in line with the parameters / norms specified by Institution- Deemed to be University.

Employees must submit one application form per child each academic year along with the itemized tuition bill. If the child attends a community college, a trade school, or is participating in a study abroad program, employees must submit the application and bill for each semester the child attends. If they are applying for a tuition grant for a child that has not been verified as a dependent, they must provide the dependent verification documentation prior to a grant being processed.

The total annual tuition grant is based on the tenure of service, including mandatory educational fees. If the child is receiving other scholarships, grants, or awards, the tuition grant does not exceed the remaining eligible costs, if any. Employees must notify the Benefits Team of any such awards.

The tuition grant runs on the academic year. Employees must submit the tuition grant application and itemized tuition bill every year. Tuition grants are processed in the order in which they are received and are generally processed within six weeks of receipt. Once approved, the tuition grant is paid directly to the child’s school.