2024 Admissions Open UG / PG
Welcome to Bharath Institute of LAW

About the School :

Bharath Institute of Law (BIL) enters Indian legal education domain, and hosts new vistas of learning at comparatively comfortable cost. The world is looking at India to associate with modern institutions and come around designing ways and means to attract Indian youth to study abroad. The road to superior and competitively higher standards leads to India’s great many IITs, IIMs all over. Today the experiment for qualitatively enriched legal education came up effectively in the national law schools. BIL, a variant of legal education, is a modern species of its own kind and looks forward to bring in a wholesome environment blended with professional learning and training in advocacy, mastering methods and inner depth of the legal concepts thoroughly and has brought forth a realisable agenda to focus on research. Fine tuning its immense necessity, BIL plans to introduce a number of advanced centres of specialisation exclusively to concentrate on research. Students will be able to prosecute all these courses in the portals of the Institute and attain distinction.

The avowed object of the Institute is to cater to the needs of a cross section of the population. It is not for the elite to deny access to the ordinary to become extraordinary, instead, its aim is underlying in its principle of inclusive education and it pledges for producing extraordinary results identifying talents and skills and research acumen in every single student admitted to learn from BIL. It is open for the students to freely exercise choice of any subject, by option and make them comfortable to learn and master it. Learning is ones enjoyable pursuit as it communicates knowledge and inculcates intelligible intelligence to the budding lawyers of tomorrow. By providing and instilling in the young the confidence in what has been learnt and how to face the challenges of the world in giving solutions for the client the alumni of Bharath will have his merit tested by the training and exposure he earns through the regular courses and suitable training in clinical and court work. It is not only that Bharath aims for enablement and empowerment of the scholars under its fold, it is also that it has a quality textured and fine-tuned to be fit for professionalism in the bar, corporate concerns, administration, national and international policy making in a political market and services thereon.

Giving them a space and identity, Bharath will endeavour to build its infrastructure suitable for all types of learning leading one to be a complete lawyer.The primary objective of the Bharath Institute of Law is to evolve and impart the quality legal education. Recent evidence has demonstrated the continuing need for clinical legal education and the universities have to a serious and proactive stance to this form of pedagogic instruction.So on the wake of this scenario, our respected Dean Prof. Dr. D.Gopal, a visionary with practical insight made this law school to impart clinical legal education which class room based education fails.So this is a small step to enshrine the philosophy of legal education along with ethical values.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision :

  • To achieve the peak of perfection in legal education by providing academic and conductive ethos in order to attain distinct eminence
  • To nurture outstanding lawyers to serve national and global communities with brilliance and strive towards contributing to the development of the law and a more just society.
  • To be an institution in producing global excellence in legal education, training, research and innovation by maintaining and enhancing the quality and reputation.
  • To educate charismatic leaders who creates positive, sustainable change in the legal fraternity and wider society.
  • To intensify the legal education in order to promote the legal awareness and to ensure the social justice by providing legal aid to the underprivileged sections of the society.
  • To achieve the peak of excellence by restructuring and perfecting quality legal education thereby striving to train and mould a new generation of students in law, meritorious and brilliant with their aptitude conductive to upgrade the standards of legal education and legal profession with ethics and discipline sustaining the nobility of its tradition to realize and meet the challenges of the future, sensitized of global social justice.

Our Mission :

  • To emphasize on the quality legal education by propagating and focusing on creation and sustenance of research by grounding in values of social justice and excellence.
  • To craft the law graduates in attaining appropriate knowledge through outstanding legal education, futuristic training and extensive legal research, to ensure an eminent socio-welfare legal fraternity.
  • To tender innovative teaching algorithm through modern and unique techniques which inspire responsible leadership and disseminating legal and practical knowledge.
  • To instill comprehensive legal knowledge and to cultivate versatility in students with remarkable skills.
  • To chisel students as responsible global citizens with conscience, commitment and dedication.
  • To inculcate a sense of responsibility in students to serve the judiciary by developing skills in advocacy and other legal services.



B.A - LLB :


B.Com - LLB :

Board of Studies

Members of BOS ( June 2024 – May 2025 ) :

S.No Name Designation Core Competency
  • Prof.Dr.D.Gopal
Dean - Professor of Law, Bharath Institute of Law, BIHER. Chairperson - International Law, & Constitutional Law
Professors of the School/ Department
  • Prof.Dr.A.Nageswara Rao
Hod-Professor of Law- Bharath Institute of Law, BIHER. Constitutional Law& Criminal Law
  • Prof.Dr.N.Vijay
Professor of Economics, Bharath Institute of Law, BIHER. Economics & Law
Associate Professors Per Department
  • Dr.K.Sarada
Associate professor of law, Bharath Institute of Law, BIHER. International Law
  • Dr.Shaheenkhan
Associate professor of law, Bharath Institute of Law, BIHER. Family law
Assistant Professors Per Department
  • Dr.M.Rajalakshmi
Assistant professor, Bharath Institute of Law, BIHER English
  • Prof.Seena B Nair
Assistant professor of law, Bharath Institute of Law, BIHER. Labour and Administrative Law
Academic Experts to be Co-Opted for their Specialized Knowledge
  • Prof.Dr.Gowri Ramesh
Professor, Govt. Law College, Puthupakkam, Chennai Criminal Law
  • Prof.D.Sankar
Professor, VIT, Chennai Business & Property Law
Industrial Experts to be Co-Opted for their Specialized Knowledge
  • Justice S.Vimala
Retired Judge High court of Madras
  • Justice G.M.Akbar Ali
Retired Judge High court of Madras