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Welcome to Management And Commerce

About The School:

The genesis of the Department of Management Studies dates back to the year 1992 and it offers MBA and Ph.D (Full time & Part Time). The MBA programme offers 9 specializations.

The department over the years has earned an enviable reputation for excellence; thanks to instruction by the highly qualified academics of distinction and it boasts of qualified faculty members with rich experience in academic, industry and research. Students who have graduated are already serving in responsible positions, in India and abroad in various capacities at senior level management and even as entrepreneurs.

Department of Management Studies, BIHER endeavors to equip young people with the skills they need to compete in an increasingly demanding global environment. At the individual level the Department recognizes that success depends not just on our own knowledge and wisdom but also upon the ability to recruit, develop and empower an effective workforce. We also model the qualities that we require in our employees – and demonstrate the value of incorporating ethics into everyday business practice and decision making.

The Department provides an education that equips students with cutting-edge knowledge, professional and research skills, and ethical decision-making abilities essential for successful careers in business, industry, education, government, and for further studies at graduate and professional levels. The Department supports and promotes research and intellectual contributions aimed at improving teaching, business opportunities in the region, and awareness of global issues. The Department offers a rich Curriculum which encompasses various Electives which are Industry relevant.

The Department has carved a niche for itself in providing exemplary education and has always been a forerunner in conducting many National and International Conferences.The Department has realized how crucial innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and critical thought are to pushing the business world forward. In an effort to stay ahead of the curve, Department of Management Studies, BIHER has also identified the increasing influence of factors such as new technology; globalization and sustainability have on the world economy.The Department of Management Studies employs a dynamic approach to education, adapting the curricula to meet emerging trends and equips students with the progressive skills necessary to succeed.

  • Ranked as the 5th Best B School in the Regional Ranking by Business Today in 2020 and 2021.
  • Ranked at the 12th place in IIRF 2021in the Best B School Ranking in the National Cluster.
  • Ranked at the 6th place (All India Ranking) in ROI by Business Today in 2021.
  • Consistently Ranked in the Top 10 Regional Ranking by Business Today for the last 5 years.
  • Ranked as the 2nd Best B School Regionally and Ranked as the 16th Best B School Nationally by Career Connect Magazine.
  • Dowling College Manhattan, USA.
  • JP Jacobs University, USA.
  • Crown University, Argentina
  • Canadian College for Higher Studies, Canada.
  • HELP University, Malaysia.
  • Putra Intelek International College, Malaysia
  • MPRH Institute, Iran
  • Ural Federal University, Russia
MOOCs Courses :
  • Google: Digital Learning Certificate Course
  • IIT Bombay: Finance.
  • National Stock Exchange Academy: Capital Markets
  • Start Up India: Entrepreneurship
  • Rubicon : Employability Skills
  • MSME: Start Your Own Business
Unique Propositions :
  • Earn While You Learn Option
  • International Immersion Programmes.
  • Experiential Learning
  • Video Case Studies
  • Outbound Training
  • Virtual Internships
  • Flipped Classrooms
  • Over 20 events in a semester (Guest Lecture, Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, etc)
  • Second Year Students register their own companies in MSME

India Book of Records :

September 20, 2019 saw the beginning of a new journey for the Department of Management Studies, for the young spirited Entrepreneurs and the staff set a prestigious record in history by entering the portals of the India Book of Records for conducting 24 hours continuous Management Case Study Marathon.

About the Commerce :

Sharp minds are at work at the Department of Commerce, where students learn the latest trends in business, commerce and entrepreneurship. The faculty's enthusiasm to impart quality education is reflected in the student's inclination for perfection.

The scholarly faculty team guides students at every step, motivating them to become worthy managers and administrators in the field. They engage in various forums to constantly upgrade their own skills and to ensure the students are well prepared to succeed.

The program lays stress on vital subjects like accounting, taxation, computer application, banking, managerial economics, business law, e - commerce, e - banking, statistics and tally. Aside from the general three year B.Com and MCom.

The syllabus is constantly updated to reflect new trends in the subject and to take advantage of the latest infrastructure. Students also avail of a new state of the art computer lab.

Nothing compares to hands on experience. Students are acclimatized to the workplace through periodic industrial visits. Focus is also given to new age e - commerce and e - business, which is making an impact in the field. The department also organizes career guidance and entrepreneurial development programs to upgrade their skills and make them industry ready.

Welcome to Management And Commerce

Best Practices :

  • Title of the Practice :
  • This title should capture the keywords that describe the practice.
  • 1. “Vaaname Ellai” – The Sky is the limit
  • 2. The Programme is to nurture Entrepreneurial Talent and impart Money Management among the Government School Students.
  • Duration (Year of Inception-year of Discontinuation) :
  • What is year of inception? Is the practice still continuing? If not, what is the year of discontinuation?
  • 1. Year of Inception : 2019
  • 2. Yes, this Practice still Continuing .
  • Objectives of the Practice :
  • What are the objectives / intended outcomes of this “best practice” and what are the underlying principles or concepts of this practice (in about 100 words)?
  • 1. To sow the seeds of entrepreneurial acumen in the minds of school goers.
  • 2. To impart money management concepts among school students.
  • 3. To enable entrepreneurial thinking through ethical imperativeness.
  • 4. To enable school students to brain storm and come out with business ideas.
  • The Context :
  • What were the contextual features or challenging issues that needed to be addressed in designing and implementing this practice (in about 150 words)?
  • 1. Entrepreneurial education and Money management are not part of the School Curriculum. Especially the Government School students have zilch exposure towards such aspects. The School of Commerce and Management, BIHER wanted to bridge this lacunae so that several entrepreneurs come out of Government Schools and students learn the art of money management as well, which is an important life lesson.
  • The Practice :
  • Describe the practice and its uniqueness in the context of India higher education. What were the constraints / limitations, if any, faced (in about 400 words)?
  • 1. Case Studies from Harvard Business School, Michigan University, INSEAD, IIMs, etc are identified, simplified and translated into Tamil by Faculty members.
  • 2. The MBA students in the second year are trained by the Faculty to explain such case studies in Tamil.
  • 3. Government Schools in and around Tambaram are identified and permission is sought from such schools to conduct this programme. Students above Eigth standard are considered for this programme.
  • 4. Both the Faculty and Students conduct the Case Study sessions. Apart from Case Studies, the Success stories of entrepreneurs are told to them.
  • 5. The school students participate in such case discussions. This shapes and sharpens their analytical and logical skills. Business ideas from them are encouraged.
  • 6. BIHER also gives Seed money to ideas that are feasible.
  • Evidence of Success :
  • Provide evidence of success such as performance against targets and benchmarks, review/results. What do these results indicate? Describe in about 200 words.
  • 1. Teachers of such Government Schools in their Feedback survey have said that students who attended this programme exhibit logical and analytical thinking. Positive Behavioural changes are also visible in such students. Focus has improved for the better.
  • 2. This activity has also churned many business ideas from the students. The impact of such ideas will be metamorphically great in the long run.
  • Problems Encountered and Resources Required :
  • Please identify the problems encountered and resources required to implement the practice (in about 150 words).
  • 1. Initial hesitation to apportion time for such activities by the Head Master/Head Mistress of the Government Schools. This initial hurdle fades away after the first session, since they are able to see the interest shown by the attendees.
  • 2. Extreme care is taken to ensure that money earned through business should be through the ethical route is reinstated so that the glamour and greed of money does not grips the young minds. Therefore, Case Studies that has a blend of ethics is chosen.
  • 3. The resources required are Case Studies and Human Resource.

A Few Snapshots of the Programme :

Board of Studies

Members of BOS ( June 2024 – May 2025 ) :

S.No Name Designation Core Competency
  • Dr S Praveen Kumar
Dean – School of Commerce & Management , BIHER HR, Strategy & Marketing
Professors of the School/ Department
  • Dr A Balamurugan
Professor – MBA, BIHER Production & Operations
  • Dr Shahnaz Sultana
Professor – MBA, BIHER Economics
Associate Professors Per Department
  • Dr Magdalene Peter
HoD – MBA, BIHER HR & Marketing
  • Dr Jayalakshmi
HoD – BCom, BIHER Commerce & Finance
Assistant Professors Per Department
  • Dr Gowtham Ashirwad
Assistant Professor, MBA , BIHER Logistics & Marketing
  • Dr Navitha Sultana
Assistant Professor, MBA , BIHER Technology Management
Academic Experts to be Co-Opted for their Specialized Knowledge
  • Dr R Arasu
Prof – MBA, University of Madras HR & Marketing
  • Dr Rabiyathul Basariya
Prof – MBA, Crescent Engineering College Commerce
Industrial Experts to be Co-Opted for their Specialized Knowledge
  • Dr Balajee
CEO, Bottomline Solutions HR
  • Mr Vasanth Lakshman
Vice President, Urban Money Finance
Vision & Mission

Our Vision :

The Department of Management Studies, Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research aspires to be a leading Management Institution with a passion for Academic Excellence, uncompromising Human Values and an abiding commitment for the development of Business and Society through excellence in grooming Leadership, Entrepreneurial Talent and Research.

Our Mission :

  • To imbibe Entrepreneurial Culture through Curriculum, Pedagogy, Mentoring and foster excellence by providing Quality Education in Business Management.
  • To cultivate the principles of Social Responsibility, Ethics and Spiritual Values among budding Managers.
  • To build intellectual capabilities based on the twin pillars of Research & Innovation.

Deans Desk :

Deen research

As Dean of the School of Commerce and Management, we welcome you to our website and our School. Department of Management Studies is proud to NBA accredited, placing us in the elite league. We prepare our students to be outstanding business professionals—to be ready for the challenges they will face in an ever more global and dynamic business environment. Our faculty members are known for their commitment to teaching, while also pursuing meaningful research in their disciplines. Their engagement in the business community together with their deep subject matter knowledge enables them to provide excellent preparation for our students' future business careers.

The School of Commerce and Management has established and maintained a supportive community that allows for a high level of interaction among students, faculty and staff. We are proud of the rich array of leadership and professional development opportunities available to our students. We have a non-stop schedule of events – webinars, workshops, seminars, training sessions, symposia, conferences and more, designed to complement our challenging curriculum.

We are proud to have our alumni working at prestigious across the world. Our alumni are generous with their time, and have helped us to develop a strong network of business connections around the world. We are excited about the opportunities ahead of us and delighted to be working with such devoted faculty, staff and students. We are always interested in your input and ideas about ways we can make the School of Commerce and Management a more vibrant and exciting place. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about how you can connect with our School of Business.


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