• Editor in Chief

    Dr. M. Prem Jeya Kumar,
    Department of Automobile Engineering,
    Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research (BIHER),
    Chennai-600073, Tamil Nadu, India

ISSN Number : 2581-9399
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INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MECHANICAL DESIGN AND ENGINEERING (IJAMDE) is a peer reviewed journal that aims in publishing most compete and reliable sources of information on the discoveries and developments in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

The journal publishes original research papers in English and; maintain standard double blind review process. Articles may be experimental, theoretical (including computational studies) or both / review papers; and should be unpublished before or not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Conferences proceeding abstracts or preprints will be considered for publication, if author(s) submit necessary documents relevant to it.

IJAMDE is an open access journal and does not charge the readers for accessing the journal articles. Journal and authors retains the copyright of the published articles and must be properly acknowledged and cited for information referenced from the articles.

IJAMDE publishes 2 issues per year (excluding special issues).

IJAMDE charges 5000 INR (USD 100)/ per article as article processing fee for publishing the article online and charges cover submission, review, editing, uploading of accepted article in journal website.

Journal considers research papers/ review articles relating to:
  • Field of Design (Product Design and Analysis, Machine Design, Computer Aided Simulations)
  • Field of Mechanics (Fatigue of Machinery Components/ Aircraft Components, Vibration and Controls, Fracture Mechanics, Structural Optimization, Tribology)
  • Field of Materials and Manufacturing (Material Sciences, Manufacturing Techniques, Metal Heat Treatment Techniques, Computer Aided Manufacturing)
  • Field of Thermal (Engines and Turbines, Heat Exchangers, Fluidized Bed Combustion, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning)
  • Field of Energy (Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Biofuels and Biomass Energy, Wave and Tidal Energy, Geo-Thermal Energy)
  • Field of Automotive Engineering (Vehicle Dynamics, Vehicles and Components, Engines and Fuels, Vehicle Operation, Handling and Management, Vehicle Electronics and Traffic Information Systems)
  • Field of Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering (Acoustics and Noise, Aerodynamics, Aerothermodynamics)
  • Field related to Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Mechatronics and Robotics


Preparation of manuscript:

Manuscript should necessarily contain the following sections in order: title page, structured abstract, keywords (3-6), introduction, experimental procedure / methodology/ research background, results and discussions, conclusions, acknowledgment, conflict of interest, nomenclature and references. All the portion of the manuscript must be typed with 1.5 line spacing and pages must be numbered.

Title page:

The tile page should contain the following information of the authors: author full name and their affiliation. Corresponding author must be indicated by “*” and mail id of the corresponding author must be mentioned.


Title of the article should be concise and be a statement of main result or conclusion preset in the manuscript. Abbreviations in the title must be omitted. Authors should avoid titles with questions, unambitious or vague title. Maximum word limit for title must be maintained between 10-15 words.


The abstract should not exceed 250 words, should be one paragraph and should be free of references and abbreviations. The abstract should be informative and completely self explanatory, briefly present the topic, state the scope of experiments, indicate significant data and point out major findings and conclusions. The abstract should clearly mention background and objectives, materials and method, results, conclusions.


Authors must provide 3-6 keywords in the article. These keywords must be concise and very much relevant to the study. No common phrases must be used as keyword.


Figures should be ideally be submitted in high-resolution TIFF/ JPEG format to avoid change in quality while rescaling to fit in the final manuscript. Figure must be cited in text as figure 1. Authors must ensure to cite the reference for figures if taken from other research articles. Figures must be centre aligned.


Table should be typed with double spacing and each table must be given in the separate sheet. They should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numeral and should contain only horizontal lines. Provide a short descriptive heading above each table with footnotes. Table must be placed as close to their first mention in the text and centrally aligned. Authors must ensure to cite the reference for table if taken from other research articles.


References can be in any style or format as long as the style is consistent. Authors are requested to use proper citation tool for citing the reference in the article. References must cited in text using author last name followed by the year of publications. References must be arranged in alphabetical order.

Review articles:

Submissions of reviews and perspectives covering topics of current interest are welcome and encouraged. Reviews should be concise and no longer than 4-6 printed pages (about 12 to 18 manuscript pages). Review manuscripts are also peer-reviewed. It should focus on current advancements in the given field.

All type of manuscripts must be submitted via our journal submission mail id: submissions.ijamde@bharathuniv.ac.in. Any queries related to article submission & acknowledgment, article review & production process and payments can be contacted via our journal contact mail id: contact.ijamde@bharathuniv.ac.in .

The received manuscripts will be reviewed by a panel of experts and the comments will be intimated to the author(s). Author(s) are asked to address the comments given by the reviewers and revised manuscript must be sent back within 30 days. The manuscripts will be recommended based on the suggestions from reviewers; however final decision for acceptance is with Editor in Chief alone.

All the accepted manuscripts will be published upon submitting the final copy of manuscript in Journal Template and Journal Copyright Form signed by all the authors. By doing so you agree to the terms and conditions of submission and publication


References can be in any style or format as long as the style is consistent. Authors are requested to use proper citation tool for citing the reference in the article. References must cited in text using author last name followed by the year of publications. References must be arranged in alphabetical order.