Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Research Centre for Aerospace Technology


  • To become a benchmark research Centre for the field of Aerospace Engineering providing solutions to problems specifically relating to the area of Aerospace Sciences.
  • To form a multidisciplinary team of scientists and scholars which can take up challenging research problems even in areas that are not directly related to Aerospace engineering.
  • To develop into a world class research center that can support research on a global scale.


We will achieve excellence through identifying and promoting

  • Quality
  • Knowledge
  • Partnership

Guided by relentless focus on these three factors, we will constantly strive to achieve our vision. In doing this, we will deliver operational excellence in every aspect of the research activities of the centreand meet or exceed our commitments to the many agencies and organizations we serve. All our long term strategies and short term actions will be moulded by a set of core values that are shared by each and every associate.


  • Subsonic, Supersonic and Hypersonic Flow Dynamics
  • Combustion Analysis
  • Aero-thermodynamic Analysis
  • Vehicle Aerodynamics
  • Heat Transfer Analysis
  • Fluid Structure Interactions


Subsonic Wind Tunnel

In the aerodynamics laboratory of BIHER, a low speed wind tunnel of following specification is available.

Test section Length2 ft
Test section Width2 ft
Test section Height2 ft
Motor Power20 hp
Maximum Velocity60 m/s

Beam Testing Apparatus

  • Cantilever beam analysis
  • Simple supported beam analysis
  • Propped cantilever beam analysis
  • Overhanging beam analysis
  • Fixed support beam analysis
  • Continuous beam analysis

Digital Sensor Array

Features and Specifications

  • +/- .05% full scale long term accuracy
  • 500Hz/channel sampling speed
  • Multiple pressure ranges available per DSA
  • Vacuum, 5 inch H20 up to 750 psi pressure range
  • Auto zero offset correction


The model DSA3217 is versatile and one of our more popular pressure scanners. It measures up to 16 gas pressures in many applications. These applications include wind tunnel test for buildings, aerospace and automotive aerodynamic tests, gas turbine testing, compressor testing as well as other turbomachinery tests, flow measurement across an orifice, wind turbine aerodynamic validations, etc. Available options include a common reference pressure or individual reference. For applications that require a more rugged pressure scanner, Scanivalve's DSA3218 may be a viable option.

List of the Projects(Completed)

Sl. No. Name Funding Agency Amount(INR) Status
1. Numerical Studies on Non – Circular Jets with Swirling Co- Flow Internal BIHER Rs.2,00,000/- Completed
2. Computational Studies on Mixing Characteristics of Star Shaped Free Jet Internal BIHER Rs.150,000/- Completed
3. Experimental Investigation of wake behind non-circular cones with flow control Internal BIHER Rs.125,000/- Completed

List of the Projects(On Going...)

Sl. No. Name Funding Agency Amount(INR) Status
1. Effect of Nose Bluntness on Hypersonic Air Intake Flow field External DST Rs.7,51,000/- Ongoing
2. Experimental Investigation of Wake Behind Elliptic Cones With Flow Control Internal BIHER Rs.600,000/- Ongoing


Aerospace engineering is a multi-disciplinary stream. Every engineering field contributes towards the design and manufacture of aircraft. Keeping this in mind it is planned to form a multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers who can bring in innovative ideas which will make the center excel in the design of futuristic airplanes.