Research and Development Cell

The Research activities of the University were accelerated from the year 2003 onwards. Extensive research facilities were created to promote innovative research. The students and faculty members are encouraged to innovate through
quality research in emerging areas.

Research Promotion Policy - 2018


Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research (BIHER) was established during 2002-2003. This University with institutions over 3 decades of existence under its ambit has emerged as one of the largest privately funded Universities in the country, including the faculties of Science and Humanity, Engineering and Technology and Medical and Health Sciences. The Research activities of the University were accelerated from the year 2003 onwards. Extensive research facilities were created to promote innovative research. The students and faculty members are encouraged to innovate through quality research in emerging areas. Each department has its own laboratories and experimental facilities, equipped to handle high-end research. The Research activities in the University include Academic research and funded research projects in the Faculties of Engineering & Technology, Medical & Health Sciences and Science & Humanities

Academic Research

Scholars seeking to pursue a doctorate degree will find a variety of specializations To choose from and qualified researchers to guide them. Seven hundred and ninety four Research scholars are currently pursuing their Ph.D. programs at the University in the Faculties of Engineering & Technology, Science & Humanities and Medical & Health Sciences.


The University has set up research facilities spread across the departments that provide a dedicated area with guides, infrastructure and well aligned processes to help the students conduct experiments and discover the right direction

This includes state of the art Centers of Excellence which are extremely high end research facilities that contain high cost equipment that provide the latest in technology to our budding researchers. Access to the Centers of Excellence is open to all the students who wish to make use of their facilities.

1RS001Dr . M.
2RS002Dr. V.
3RS003Dr. K. P.
4RS004Dr. Kathir.ViswalingamBio
5RS005Dr. J. Hameed
6RS006Dr. M. Prem
7RS007Dr. P. B. Ramesh BabuBio
8RS008Dr. P. RajasulochanaBio
9RS009Dr. P. KanagarajBio
10RS010Dr. R. VasukiBio Medical98849
11RS011Dr. F. Emerson SolomonBio
13RS013Dr. M. R. K. RaoBio
14RS014Dr. S. AnbuselviBio
15RS015Dr. T. JayalakshmiBio
16RS016Dr. L. Jeyanthi RebeccaBio Technology94446
17RS017Dr. S. Selva KumarBio
18RS018Dr. M. P.
19RS019Dr. K.
20RS020Dr. A. KumaravelCSE9176
21RS021Dr. C. NaliniCSE94442
22RS022Dr. K.P.
23RS023Dr. R.
24RS024Dr. V.
27RS027Dr. S. LathaE&
28RS028Dr. M.
29RS029Dr. T.
32RS032Dr. T.
33RS033Dr. A.
34RS034Dr. R.
37RS037Dr. P.
38RS038Dr. S. Praveen
39RS039Dr. G.
40RS040Dr. Venkata rama
41RS041Dr. S.Fabiolya
42RS042Dr. S.Rabiyathul
44RS044Dr. N.RamyaS&H (Maths)
45RS045Dr. R. SreelathaS&H (Physics)
46RS046Dr. V.KrishnasamyS&H (Chemistry)
47RS047Dr. A. ManikandanS&H(Chemistry)
48RS048Dr. R. NarendarS&H(Chemistry)
49RS049Dr. P. PaulrajS&H(Chemistry)
50RS050Dr. K. RajendranS&H(Chemistry)
51RS051Dr. V.ManimozhiS&H(English)
53RS053Dr. R. ChidambaramMedical (Radiology)
54RS054Dr. B RajeshMedical (Anatomy)
55RS055Dr. K. PrabhuMedical (Anatomy)
56RS056Dr. WMS. JohnsonMedical (Anatomy)
57RS057Dr. Jacinta AntonyMedical (Anatomy)
58RS058Dr. Vathsala VenkatesanMedical (Anatomy)
59RS059Dr.G.SumathyMedical (Anatomy)
60RS060Dr. V. RameshMedical (Bio Chemistry)
61RS061Dr. G. BupeshMedical (Bio Chemistry)
62RS062Dr. R. SrikumarMedical (Micro Biology)
63RS063Dr. M.EluamalaiMedical (Micro Biology)
64RS064Dr. S.JaikumarMedical (Micro Biology)
65RS065Dr.V.Srinivasulu ReddyMedical (Micro Biology)
66RS066Dr. Chitralekha SaikumarMedical (Micro Biology)
67RS067Dr. Beema RaoMedical (Pathology)
68RS068Dr. M. MuniappanMedical (Pharmacology)
69RS069Dr. N. S. MuthiahMedical (Pharmacology)
70RS070Dr. E. ManikandanMedical (Physics)
71RS071Dr. E. Prabhakar ReddyMedical (Bio Chemistry)
72RS072Dr. R. VijayakumarMedical (Physiology)
73RS073Dr. A.
74RS074Dr. S. Ragavendra JayeshDental044 - 2246
75RS075Dr. S.
79RS079Dr.K.Thanigai ArulMedical(Physics)
82RS082Dr.Pammy SinhaMedical (Pathology)
83RS083Dr.S.NambiMedical (Psychiatry)
84RS084Dr.E.ChandraselviMedical (Physiology)
88RS088 Dr.S.GajendrarajLAW9444007761
89 RS089 Dr.R.Venkatesh Babu Mechanical 9962598499
90 RS090 Dr.W.S.Manjula Dental 9840095590
91 RS091 Dr.M.Sundararaj Aeronautical 9840844425
92 RS092 Dr. T. Vigneswaran Dental 9843070002
93 RS093 Dr. Vasukidevi Ramachandran Bio Medical 9940346061
94 RS094 Dr. S. Prakash EEE 9884302950
95 RS095 Dr. E. Kanniga ECE
96 RS096 Dr.T.E. Kanchanabhan Civil 9840459534
97 RS097 Dr.A. Mani Civil 9884874444
98 RS098 Dr. A. Buckshumiyan Mechanical 9994006015
99 RS099 Dr. A. Balasubramanian Mechanical 9840096197
100 RS100 Dr. Velavan Physics 9791661272
101 RS101 Dr. R. Deepa Mathematics 9444352718
102 RS102 Dr. K. Manikandan Tamil 9843336869
103 RS103 Dr. Manimekalai Mathematics 9841756446
104 RS104 Dr. S. Thirunirai Sethil MCA 9443645536
105 RS105 Dr.T.Mahalakshmi Astrology 9884364603
106 RS106 Dr.K.Nataraj Astrology 9894740117
107 RS107 Dr.N.Dhamodaran Astrology 9244604341
108 RS108 Dr.S.Usha S&H (Zoology/Genetics) 9841613271
109 RS109 Dr.S.Palpandi Tamil 8754317228
110 RS110 Dr.M.Kavimani Medical Sciences 9380977346
111 RS111 Dr.V.Hemavathy Nursing 9444207749
112 RS112 Dr.Sathiyalatha Sarathi Nursing 9994547145
113 RS113 Dr.Mohan Valiathan Dental Sciences 9543444413
114 RS114 Dr.S.Kishore Kumar Dental Sciences 9551955965
115 RS115 Dr.Nalini Aswath Dental Sciences 9444161841
116 RS116 Dr.Kaushik Pal Nano Technology 8918342401
117 RS117 Dr.K.E.Vivekanandan Microbiology 9597497166
118 RS118 Dr.V.Balambica Mechanical 9962732457
119 RS119 Dr.S.Vasanth S&H (Bio Chemistry) 9943201433
120 RS120 Dr.A.Ravikumar MBA 9884882506
121 RS121 Dr.S.Sharmila Bio Technology 9884062313
122 RS122 Dr.S.P.Vijayaragavan ECE 9003304814
123 RS123 Dr.B.Karthik ECE 9842580740
124 RS124 Dr.A.Geetha MBA 9677799583
125 RS125 Dr.S.Arulselvi ECE 8870334286
126 RS126 Dr.V.Jayalakshmi EEE 9940114425
127 RS127 Dr.R.Venkata Krishnaiah Civil 9840261276
128 RS128 Dr.B.Shanthi Medical - Bio Chemistry 9884025026
129 RS129 Dr.R.Karthikeyan CSE 9444554593
130 RS130 Dr.D.Kerana Hanirex CSE 9445404381
131 RS131 Dr.P.Sai Kumar Medical Sciences 9840098098
132 RS132 Dr.V.S.Kalai Selvi Medical Sciences 9884218580
133 RS133 Dr.A.R.Arunachalam CSE 9790965412
134 RS134 Dr.S.Senthil Kumar EEE 9840822285
135 RS135 Dr.S.Neduncheliyan CSE 9994560523

Bharath Institute of Science and Technology


Sree Balaji Medical College and Hospital

Balaji Diabetes and Obesity
Research Center
(BALDORC) – Diabetology

Harrisons Medical
Research Center
(HMRC) – General Medicine

Viral Genome Research Center
(VGRC) – Microbiology



Sri Lakshmi Narayana Institute of Medical Sciences

Centre of Excellence for Autologus
Immune Enhancement Therapy &
Stem Cell

Research Centre of Excellence for
Advanced Imaging by Thermography



Sree Balaji Dental College and Hospital

Centre of Excellence for Oral
Cancer Prevention Awareness
and Research   

Research Centre in Medical Human

Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research (BIHER) had won international robotics Championship for 3 Consecutive years

Winner of World Championship in Robotics Engineering-2011 out of 125 participating countries, at Istanbul, Turkey

Cinque Terre
Students in Research
Sl.No Award Name Country Year
1 AUTCUP Tehran , Iran 2010
2 Innovation Award
(Organised by Edu studio - 2011)
Nanyang Technological University ,Singapore 2011
3 World Championship in Robotics Engg Istanbul, Turkey 2011
4 “Original Creation of Robot Truck” Singapore 2012
5 Second place - Robot Soccer Creation Oasis, Singapore 2012

Robo Soccer winner Nanyang

World Robotics Championship

Robo Cup winner Nanyang

Innovation award Singapore   

Student Winners of AUT Cup   
2012,Tehran Iran

World Robotruck winners

  • National Research Award in the field of Clinical Genetics 2009, Delhi, Awarded to Dr.C.Deepak ,By Indian Orthodontic Society
  • Best Researcher Award-2010 by Indian Society for Dental Research in the field of Periodontology, Chennai, India
  • Best Research award in Periodontology, Awarded for Dr.Anitha by Indian society for Dental Research 2010
  • Ms.Anitha Ajith of Industrial Bio technology got the Young Scientist award in the year 2011 from Govt. Of India.
  • Best Preventive Orthodontic research award, Awarded for Dr.M.S.Kannan by Indian Orthodontic Society 2012
  • National level Achievement award received by Prof.Ilavazhagan, Dept. of Chemistry from APJ Abdul Kalam, 2009  for excellence in teaching
  • Dr Bhuminathan  received Indian society for dental research  award of research fellow in the year 2013 for his work on Diabetes and Oral Disease
  • Identification of Gene Mutation in Oral Diseases published in European Journal of Dentistry 2014 and Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention 2013,14.

Dr.Kannan, receiving the best
researcher award from DCI
President, yr 2012

Dr.Deepak, receiving the best
researcher award from
Honble minister, Dinesh
Trivedi, yr 2010

Dr.Selvakumar, receiving the best
researcher award Indian society for     
dental research

Dr.Gnana Sundaram being
honored for
research promotion by IAOMR,

Prof Padmanbhan being
honored for research promotion
by Delta Company Inc.,2010

Dr.Raj ni, Invited to Birmingham to
guide researchers of their house,

  • Call for Oriented Research & Technology Development Proposals on "Materials for Energy Storage" (MES) - 2017
    Agency Name: DST
    Last Date for proposal Submission: 15 April 2017
    More details on :

  • Call for Proposals under GACD Banner on "Implementation Research in Mental Health"
    Agency Name: ICMR
    Last Date for proposal Submission: 11 April 2017
    More details on :

  • Call for Proposals Indo-Norwegian Co-operation on Antimicrobial resistance
    Agency Name: ICMR, New Delhi
    Last Date for proposal Submission: 26 April 2017
    More details on :

  • Call for Proposals to work on Core samples
    Agency Name: Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India,
    Last Date for proposal Submission: 30 September 2017
    More details on :