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International Relations

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Office of International Relations

Office of International Relations targets to achieve more collabrations with forgein universities,By signing MOU's with those universities with the help of our International Relations Department. Our International Relations have good experience and we have signed with many universities benefitting our students,faculties and research scholars. Our International Relations have been top notch in organising various programmes and activities with foregin universities. International Relations helps in providing world class facilities and amenities at foreign university campus,Here are few listed below

  1. World Class Guest House for boys and girls
  2. International hostel for boys and girls
  3. Indian Food along with traditional foods of the respective university
  4. Native Language Certificate courses
  5. Interaction with students / faculty of other foreign universities
  6. Health Care,
  7. Gymnasiums
  8. Indoor and Outdoor Sports Activites
  9. World Class Laboratories

"BIHER is its own kind of urban laboratory – it’s incredibly diverse – and so using those skills you are learning in school and then applying them in practice was a superbly valuable experience."
2018-2022 B.Tech Bio-Medical Engineering KUWAIT

"It’s a multicultural university in a diverse, friendly and vibrant city that suits everyone.The course was really interesting with the option to choose between exciting software modules and software was something I’ve always wanted to do and learn."
2016-2020 B.Tech Computer Science Engineering USA

"There are two reasons why I chose BIHER for this course: the city vibe and the course itself. One thing that really appealed to me was that the Vis.Com degree at the BIHER uses more innovative ways of teaching which includes more practical’s and “learning by doing” rather than purely lecture based."
2017-2020 B.Sc. Vis.Com. SINGAPORE

"I became interested in ECE during my time in the school, and wanted to study it further. I chose BIHER because the course modules appealed to me, and because of the good things I had heard about the university."
2016-2020 B.Tech Electornics & Communication Engineering BANGLADESH

"The faculty and students at the school are very friendly and were helpful in my transition. I’ve had the opportunity to participate in competitions such as debating and mooting to develop my advocacy and public speaking skills. It’s very stimulating to be surrounded by such brilliant individuals. I know I’ve made some life-long friends here."
2015-2019 B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering SUDAN

"At the BIHER, I shaped my ability to question the status-quo by assessing information, seeking new perspectives and coming up with well-informed opinions"
2018-2022 B.Tech Computer Science Engineering BANGLADESH

"As a Research scholar studying a Ph.D (Management) in BIHER, I am fortunate enough to experience quality, world class education by academia’s here in the university. I receive support not only to pursue academic interests in my time at the university, but activities that support my academics such as lab experience. My lecturers are wonderful and they are always happy to make time for me to discuss with me my future path as well as my aspirations."
2015-2018 Ph.D Management MALAYSIA

"To be able to undertake a degree that I feel genuinely passionate about has been a rewarding experience. The structure of the degree has been in intensive mode. This learning method has been challenging at the beginning but as the program evolved, I have developed skills to allow me to cope with the intense pace and focus better on what I need to learn."

"Being taken care by all the staff, lecturers and classmates makes me feel relax and motivated to attend the class and participating in the class activities. I believe the knowledge and skills given by this University help me inspire my ambitions which are to share knowledge and pedagogy to my students, pre-service teachers in Bangladesh and I am impressed the teachers here and I want myself to be competent like them. The services supported by the University are perfect and very convenient for all students and we love spending our time at Uni not only in School hours but in school off days. Overall, I am thankful myself to choose that course at BIHER and I will never forget my precious and enjoyable time in that uni."
2018-2022 B.Tech Civil Engineering BANGLADESH

"It’s very convenient living and studying here in BIHER, and I’m really grateful that people here are helpful, honest and kind. I can always count on the support of my classmates and my professors to help me pass the exams."
2018-2020 MBA GERMANY

When I came to BIHER I didn’t know any- one and struggled with setting priorities. I started researching the possibilities and suddenly lots of doors opened. I was struggling to choose what to do. There’s so much going on in the university, so I decided to go and try it all.
2019-2023 B.Tech Mechanical Engineering MALAYSIA

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Department of International Relations,
Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research(deemed to be university),
Main Building, First Floor,
# 173 Agharam Road Selaiyur,
Chennai - 600 073,
Phone: +91 44 22292075

International Relations Office,
Dr. Hari Prakash.R,
Director – International Relations,
Main Building,First Floor,
# 173 Agharam Road Selaiyur,
Chennai - 600 073,Tamil Nadu, India.
Mobile: +91 99520 86700
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