Latest Events

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03, Jul, 2017பாரத் பல்கலைக்கழக மாணவர்களின் கண்டுபிடிப்புக்கு பரிசு
21, Jun, 2017Yoga day celebration.
20, Mar, 2017Mechanical Department Symposium.
15, Mar, 2017Workshop on Entrepreneur Orientation Programme by Entrepreneur Development Cell
06, Mar, 2017Aero Utsav 2k17 - A National Level Technical Symposium
06, Mar, 2017Workshop on Driver's Safety Training Program
03, Mar, 2017Guest Lecture on Disruptive Innovation

International Conferences

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26-27, May 2016Advances in Remote Sensors & Flood Control
22-24, June 2016Bio Engineering to generate Human Organs
14-15, July 2016The Synchornisation of Indian Market in the Global Economy
10-12, August 2016Fleet Management and Customer Safty
07-09, September 2016Impact of Applied Sciences on Technology
05-07, October 2016Distributed and Event Based Computing
10-12, November 2016Telecommunication on Power Automation

National Conferences

DateEvents Details
21, March 2016Recent Innovations in Genetic Engineering 2016
24, March 2016Herbal Drugs for Human
28, March 2016Advances in Renewable Energy
01, April 2016Advances in Biomedical Instrumentation Engineering
04, April 2016National Conference on Emerging Trends and innovations in mechanical sciences
06, April 2016ICT Research Trends 2016
07, April 2016Knowledge Engineering Management
22, April 2016Recent Trends in Aerospace Technology
28, April 2016Recent Trends in Green Building Technology
29, April 2016Instrumentation for Domestic Automation
06, May 2016Wireless Sensor Network and Communication
16, June 2016Emerging Trends in Soft Computing Technology
18, June 2016Drone Security System and Applications
21, July 2016Medical Tourism and Hospitality Industry
26, August 2016Qualitative Computing Current Status 2016
16, September 2016Management Stratagies in Family Owned Corporates
23, September 2016Robotics Applications in Automobile Industries
28, October 2016Qualitative Techniques in Finance Engineering
15, November 2016Industrial Applications of Organic Chemistry
25, November 2016Applied Statistics in Engineering Research
22, December 2016Convergence 2016