Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering

About the Department

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) is a swiftly advancing field, with new ideas emerging every other seconds. Graduate engineers in this discipline will be equipped to design and fabricate, install, operate and maintain complex electronic circuits, equipments and systems. The course also covers designing security in communications, besides all the software and hardware required in the communication domain.


To be a center of excellence of International standards in the areas of education,research and services and to develop the students with engineering professional attitude, to face global challenges and to promote creative environment for developing young entrepreneurs with ethical values and social concern and preparing them to succeed in competitive examinations.making our students technologically superior and ethically strong, who in turn shall improve the quality of life of the human race.


  • The Mission of the ECE Department is to facilitate young Engineers to acquire technical exposure in the areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering,
  • To provide World Class Education, nurture career improvement and develop human and social intellectual qualities necessary for the successful practice of the profession.
  • Imparting Quality Technical Education to budding Engineers by providing the state-of-the-art laboratories and quality instruction by highly qualified and experienced faculty in Electronics and Communication Engineering programme with global standards
  • To prepare them for competitive examinations in higher education and employment with intellectual professional attitude , research aptitude, critical reasoning, analytical and technical skills ,technical consultancy
  • To develop ability to apply knowledge, life-long learning, entrepreneurial practices, ethical values and social concern.
  • To impart professional education endowed with human values to the younger generation so as to transform them to be competent and committed engineers capable of providing solutions to the global challenges in deploying technology for the service of humanity


Under Graduate

Students pursuing B.Tech. in ECE have a full and flexible undergraduate curriculum. Numerous streams can be tailored to fit every individual’s interests, skills and career goals. Students can prepare for technological careers in industry, academia or management.

Post Graduate

Postgraduate study in ECE prepares students for leadership roles in research, development and design positions that require skillful and imaginative engineering solutions.

The department offers several postgraduate degrees in the latest advanced technology.

Research Focus

Interdisciplinary research, a system-level approach and close ties with industry combine to yield up-to-date research. Through research center industrial liaison programs and departmental advisory boards, faculty and students can work towards future technologies.


State-of-the-art computer labs updated with the latest software currently used by industry. Many MOU’s with leading electronics companies have been signed.