Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engg

About the Department

Twenty first century is poised to become a century of space explorations and manned missions to other planets. It will be a time of space stations and robotic probes. The world will continue to need aerospace scientists, engineers, technologists and technicians to accomplish these highly exciting and challenging missions. Keeping this in mind the Department of Aeronautical Engineering was started in Bharath University in the year 2012.

The Aeronautical Engineering students are encouraged to actively involve in research projects and come out with innovative ideas. With constant support extended by the Management, the basic infra-structure needed for regular curricular programs as well as for fundamental and applied research is being established in the Department.

The Department provides a conducive academic environment for both students and faculty to bring out the best outcome from them.


To impart excellent research oriented graduate course in Aeronautical Engineering through state of the art education techniques, innovative methods and continuously support and strengthen the aerospace research, design, development and manufacturing related industries and institutions in India.


  • To provide quality exposure in theory and practice with proficiency, skill and humane values with the best of teaching and industrial expertise.
  • To continuously strengthen the laboratory learning of students in tune with the best industry processes and practices.
  • To ensure the updated knowledge and skill sets of students in emerging technologies.
  • To provide the students the right ambience and opportunities to develop into creative, talented and globally competent Aero professionals.
  • To promote research and development activities in the sphere of aeronautics for the benefit of the society.


Under Graduate

The goal of the B. Tech. program in Aeronautical Engineering is to train the students in a broad based manner with equal focus on applications in aircraft engineering, rocket and space technology. The curriculum structure ensures an excellent coverage of vital areas like Aerodynamics, Aircraft structure, Aircraft propulsion, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Aircraft control system Avionics and Aircraft maintenance. Further provision exists to acquire additional engineering knowledge through electives.

Post Graduate

“There is no second chance in Aeronautical industry – 100% confidence should be achieved on the ground itself”. To make 100% confidence about the concepts of Aeronautical Engineering Bharath University is working on the ground with experienced Professors and latest lab facilities.

Research Focus

Research efforts are in progress in the areas of boundary layer theory, flow past high-rise and low-rise buildings and industrial structures. Fuel injection and atomization processes, and computational fluid dynamics in fluidized bed combustion, ramjets, and Fuel cells are some of the research topics currently under progress.