The Research activities of the University were accelerated from the year 2003 onwards. Extensive research facilities were created to promote innovative research.
The students and faculty members are encouraged to innovate through quality research in emerging areas.

Academic Vission

To be the premier research - intensive University in India and to be seen as a key partner in the development and advancement of National and International research and technology initiatives. To be forerunners in the conception of a research environment that is second to none globally for the advancement of socially relevant research that dominates the world stage.

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Academic Mission

To support and augment an organized University - wide environment of research excellence where faculty are inspired and challenged to drive the boundaries of knowledge foundation. To motivate research leaders in India and around the world to partner with us in the expansion of knowledge discovery and the translation of discoveries into tangible benefits for society internationally. To be the voice of the research community at BIHER and in all ways, ensure the optimal and effective use of intellectual, financial and physical resources to foster an environment of research excellence throughout the University.

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Academic Research Office
Deen research
Dr.M.Prem Jeyakumar
Research & Development
Faculty Members
+91 89396 08234
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Approved Supervisors
1 RS110 Dr. M.Kavimani Medical Sciences 9380977346 dr.kavimani@gmail.com
2 RS054 Dr. B Rajesh Medicine (Anatomy) 9345575143 anat_rajesh@rediffmail.com
3 RS055 Dr. K. Prabhu Medicine (Anatomy) 9841171185 prbanu75@gmail.com
4 RS056 Dr. WMS. Johnson Medicine (Anatomy) 9841201965 profjohnson@bharathuniv.ac.in
5 RS059 Dr. G. Sumathy Medicine (Anatomy) 9962013118 sumathyravi93@gmail.com
6 RS158 Dr. Venkataramaniah Medicine (Anatomy) 9941178552 fio7rio@yahoo.co.in
7 RS139 Dr. Archana Rajasundaram Medicine (Anatomy) 9884471721 archana.r@bharathuniv.ac.in
8 RS140 Dr. Jinu Merlin Koshy Medicine (Anatomy) 9962055993 jinumerlinkoshy@gmail.com
9 RS229 Dr. C. S. Janaki Medicine (Anatomy) 9840953670 janaki.anatomy@bmch.ac.in
10 RS243 Dr. S. Jayakumari Medicine (Anatomy) 9444716937 jayakumarinisha@gmail.com
11 RS060 Dr. V. Ramesh Medicine (Bio Chemistry) 8489180081 kadsramesh@gmail.com
12 RS128 Dr. B. Shanthi Medicine (Bio Chemistry) 9884025026 drshanthibio@gmail.com
13 RS071 Dr. E. Prabhakar Reddy Medicine (Bio Chemistry) 9159186879 drpebyreddy@yahoo.com
14 RS149 Dr. A. Jamuna Rani Medicine (Bio Chemistry) 98844668229 ayyalujamuna@rediffmail.com
15 RS132 Dr. V. S. Kalai Selvi Medicine (Bio Chemistry) 9884218580 doc.kalaiselvi@gmail.com
16 RS171 Dr. M. K. Kalaivani Medicine (Biomedical Science) 9677055376 kavani.mk@gmail.com
17 RS117 Dr. K. E. Vivekanandan Microbiology 9597497166 vivekanandanbiotech@gmail.com
18 RS062 Dr. R. Srikumar Medicine (Microbiology) 9442500300 rsrikumar_2003@yahoo.co.in
19 RS064 Dr. S. Jaikumar Medicine (Microbiology) 9842313140 jaipharma2007@gmail.com
20 RS066 Dr. Chitralekha Saikumar Medicine (Microbiology) 044-23813962 chitralekhasaikumar@gmail.com
21 RS148 Dr. B. Kiran Madhusudhan Medicine (Microbiology) 9841434966 brskiran@yahoo.in
22 RS150 Dr. C. Gokula Priya Medicine (Microbiology) 9677284297 priyajai756@gmail.com
23 RS069 Dr. N. S. Muthiah Medicine (Pharmacology) 9841037533 nsmhealingtoch@gmail.com
24 RS167 Dr. J. Mohana Sundaram Medicine (Pharmacology) 9841259576 mohanasundaramj@gmail.com
25 RS225 Dr. A. R. Vijayakumar Medicine (Pharmacology) 9841680058 marunthiyal2013@gmail.com
26 RS072 Dr. R. Vijayakumar Medicine (Physiology) 9445383846 sivanviji@gmail.com
27 RS082 Dr. Pammy Sinha Medicine (Pathology) 9003656209 drpsinha@hotmail.com
28 RS083 Dr. S. Nambi Medicine (Psychiatry) 9444018671 siva.nambi@gmail.com
29 RS240 Dr. M. Chandrasekar Physiology (Cardio Pulmonary Anaexthesia) 9444206787 mchandru1969@gmail.com
30 RS155 Dr. A. Saravana Kumar Medicine (Pharmaceutical) 9908870706 drsaravana.principal@gmail.com
31 RS157 Dr. M. K. Rajasekar Medicine (ENT) 9841091785 drmkrent@gmail.com
32 RS160 Dr. Florida Tilton Medicine (Botany) 9940027169 florida.tilton@gmail.com
33 RS168 Dr. R. Srinivasan Medicine (Pharmacy) 9840860886 dean.pharmacy@bharathuniv.ac.in
34 RS226 Dr. P. Panneerselvam Medicine (Pharmacy) 8610057410 drppanneerselvam@gmail.com
35 RS223 Dr. K. Masilamani Medicine (Pharmacy) 7871378446 masilamani33@gmail.com
36 RS224 Dr. M. Sivakumar Medicine (Pharmacy) 9884208394 sivampharma@gmail.com
37 RS073 Dr. A. Julius Dental Sciences 9840409612 juliusamaldas@yahoo.co.in
38 RS074 Dr. S. Ragavendra Jayesh Dental Sciences 044-22461883 sbdchcprincipaloffice@gmail.com
39 RS075 Dr. S. Bhuminathan Dental Sciences 9500109985 bhumi.sbdch@gmail.com
40 RS076 Dr. K.Mahalakshmi Dental Sciences 9444184403 kmag_1985@yahoo.co.in
41 RS077 Dr. Mensudar Dental Sciences 9841073830 dr_r_mensudar@hotmail.com
42 RS078 Dr. Padmavathy Dental Sciences 9884164212 padmabakianath@yahoo.co.in
43 RS092 Dr. T. Vigneswaran Dental Sciences 9843070002 dratvignes@gmail.com
44 RS113 Dr. Mohan Valiathan Dental Sciences 9543444413 mohan211@hotmail.com
45 RS114 Dr. S.Kishore Kumar Dental Sciences 9551955965 kishore.sbdch@gmail.com
46 RS115 Dr. Nalini Aswath Dental Sciences 9444161841 naliniaswath@gmail.com
47 RS231 Dr. Bagavad Gita Dental 9840214307 gita70.geetha@gmail.com
48 RS111 Dr. V.Hemavathy Nursing 9444207749 vhemasbcn@gmail.com, sbcnchennai@gmail.com
49 RS112 Dr. Sathiyalatha Sarathi Nursing 9994547145 sathiyalathas@gmail.com
50 RS091 Dr. M. Sundararaj Aeronautical 9840844425 sundar.sonic@gmail.com
51 RS142 Dr. C.Suresh Kumar Aeronautical 9486271198 sureshkumar.aero@bharathuniv.ac.in
52 RS161 Dr. K. Sangeetha Applied Microbiology 8838930689 sangee.star@gmail.com
53 RS154 Dr. S. Ravindhar Architecture 9095020440 ravindhars@gmail.com
54 RS006 Dr. M. Prem Jayakumar Automobile 9841036428 premjayakumar.coe@bharathuniv.ac.in
55 RS197 Dr. P. Balu Automobile 9842456848 balu.auto@bharathuniv.ac.in
56 RS238 Dr. D. Raguraman Automobile 9840411469 raguraman150807@gmail.coms
57 RS239 Dr. K. Venkatesan Automobile 8300791556 venkatgingee1970@gmail.com
58 RS007 Dr. P. B. Ramesh Babu Bio Informatics 9841788001 bioinfohod@gmail.com
59 RS008 Dr. P. Rajasulochana Bio Informatics 9444222678 prsnellore@gmail.com
60 RS010 Dr. R. Vasuki Bio Medical 9884943139 rkaran02@gmail.com
61 RS011 Dr. F. Emerson Solomon Bio Medical 9566070703 emerson_solomon@yahoo.com
62 RS093 Dr. Vasukidevi Ramachandran Bio Medical 9940346061 vasukideviram@gmail.com
63 RS004 Dr. Kathir Viswalingam Bio Technology 9840236939 drkathir2011@yahoo.com
64 RS014 Dr. S. Anbuselvi Bio Technology 9444258141 anbuselvichennai@yahoo.com
65 RS016 Dr. L. Jeyanthi Rebecca Bio Technology 9444649109 jeyanthirebecca@yahoo.com
66 RS017 Dr. S. Selva Kumar Bio Technology 9840917984 selvakumar.bt@bharathuniv.ac.in
67 RS165 Dr. S. Geetha Priya Bio Technology 9566459089 subramanian.geethapriya@gmail.com
68 RS127 Dr. R. Venkata Krishnaiah Civil 9840261276 venkatapec@gmail.com
69 RS170 Dr. B. Saritha Civil 9840346201 sarichaks@gmail.com
70 RS207 Dr. C. Anbalagan Environmental Science / Geology 9443633402 anbalagan.civil@bharathuniv.ac.in
71 RS086 Dr. M. Sudhahar Commerce 9751573723 sudhaharbu@gmail.com
72 RS159 Dr. J. Kannan Commerce 9865067613 sjkannan1986@gmail.com
73 RS020 Dr. A. Kumaravel CSE 9176 248473 drkumaravel@gmail.com
74 RS022 Dr. K. P. Kaliyamurthie CSE 9941118486 kpkaliyamurthie@gmail.com
75 RS023 Dr. R. Udayakumar CSE 9940159277 rsukumar2007@gmail.com
76 RS024 Dr. V. Khanaa CSE 9444999678 drvkannan62@yahoo.com
77 RS025 Dr. C. Rajabhushanam CSE 9445159354 rajabhushanamc.cse@bharathuniv.ac.in
78 RS026 Dr. T. Krishnakumar CSE 9941546335 drkk@bharathuniv.ac.in
79 RS129 Dr. R. Karthikeyan CSE 9444554593 rkarthikeyan1678@gmail.com
80 RS130 Dr. D. Kerana Hanirex CSE 9445404381 keranahanirex.cse@bharathuniv.ac.in
81 RS135 Dr. S. Neduncheliyan CSE 9994560523 dean.cse@bharathuniv.ac.in
82 RS147 Dr. S. Brintha Rajakumari CSE 9789989888 brintha.ramesh@gmail.com
83 RS204 Dr. K. Rajakumari CSE 9941610588 rajakumari.mca@bharathuniv.ac.in
84 RS205 Dr. B. Persis Urbana Ivy CSE 8428199994 prssivy454@gmail.com
85 RS232 Dr. Anitha Karthi CSE 9841557655 anithakarthi.cse@bharathuniv.ac.in
86 RS234 Dr. S. Chakravarthi CSE 9382641695 chakaravarthi.cse@bharathuniv.ac.in
87 RS237 Dr. G. Umarani Srikanth CSE 9840268061 umarani.cse@bharathuniv.ac.in
88 RS241 Dr. K. Nattar Kannan CSE 7358359476 nattarkannan.cse@bharathuniv.ac.in
89 RS242 Dr. K. Bala CSE 7395980416 bala.cse@bharathuniv.ac.in
90 RS244 Dr. S. Thaiyalnayaki CSE 9566208899 thaiyalnayaki.cse@bharathuniv.ac.in
91 RS230 Dr. M. Sriram IT 9952124912 sriramm.cse@bharathuniv.ac.in
92 RS028 Dr. M. Sundararajan ECE 9840352860 deanresearch@bharathuniv.ac.in
93 RS030 Dr. M. Sangeetha ECE 9884221512 sang_gok@yahoo.com
94 RS095 Dr. E. Kanniga ECE 9786742354 kanniga.etc@bharathuniv.ac.in
95 RS122 Dr. S. P. Vijayaragavan ECE 9003304814 vijayaragavan.eee@bharathuniv.ac.in
96 RS123 Dr. B. Karthik ECE 9842580740 karthik.ece@bharathuniv.ac.in
97 RS125 Dr. S. Arulselvi ECE 8870334286 arulselvi2003@gmail.com
98 RS166 Dr. M. Jasmin ECE 9445240930 jasmine.ece@bharathuniv.ac.in
99 RS210 Dr. V. Ganesan ECE 9443723032 vganesh1711@gmail.com
100 RS233 Dr. S. Murugeswari Murthy ECE 9444508037 eswari2k7@gmail.com
101 RS245 Dr. H. Umma Habiba ECE 9444739854 hod.ece@bharathuniv.ac.in
102 RS094 Dr. S. Prakash EEE 9884302950 prakashacademics@gmail.com
103 RS126 Dr. V. Jayalakshmi EEE 9940114425 jayalakshmi.eee@bharathuniv.ac.in
104 RS134 Dr. S. Senthil Kumar EEE 9840822285 senthilsasthans@gmail.com
105 RS213 Dr. S. Lakshmi EEE 8939750544 lakshmi.eee@bharathuniv.ac.in
106 RS246 Dr. K. Sakthivel EEE 9952532855 ksakthivelme@gmail.com
107 RS005 Dr. J. Hameed Hussain Mechanical 9444011127 deanengg@bharathuniv
108 RS035 Dr. P. Naveenchandran Mechanical 9597095131 asiriyan@gmail.com
109 RS036 Dr. V. Srinivasan Mechanical 9381031956 srinivasan_v9669@yahoo.co.in
110 RS099 Dr. A. Balasubramanian Mechanical 9840096197 balasubramanian.mech@bharathuniv.ac.in
111 RS118 Dr. V. Balambica Mechanical 9962732457 balambicavenkatesan.d2624@gmail.com
112 RS136 Dr. M. Senthil Kumar Mechanical 9841097106 dean.incubjation@bharathuniv.ac.in
113 RS137 Dr. D. Ravi Mechanical   ravivsravi.aero@gmail.com
114 RS146 Dr. M. Achudhan Mechanical 9840401397 pstoc@bharathuniv.ac.in
115 RS164 Dr. T. R. Vijayaram Mechanical 9205855280 vijayaram1@gmail.com
116 RS178 Dr. V. Mohanavel Mechanical 9043392344 mohanavel2k16@gmail.com
117 RS211 Dr. N. S. Senthur Mechanical 9942926967 senthur.ns@gmail.com
118 RS235 Dr. M.P. Natarajan Mechanical 9841588732 natarajan.mech@bharathuniv.ac.in
119 RS236 Dr. M. Ramarao Mechanical 9788563254 ramarao.mech@bharathuniv.ac.in
120 RS038 Dr. S. Praveen kumar MBA 9840051344 professorpraveen@yahoo.co.in
121 RS040 Dr. Venkata rama raju MBA 9840371513 prof.dvraju@gmail.com
122 RS120 Dr. A. Ravikumar MBA 9884882506 rera25@gmail.com
123 RS124 Dr. A. Geetha MBA 9677799583 geethaganesh2015@gmail.com
124 RS177 Dr. A. Balamurugan MBA 9843186902 drabala72@gmail.com
125 RS196 Dr. V. Subhamathi MBA 9940115182 subha.mathi32@gmail.com
126 RS198 Dr. N. Bargavi MBA 7299363330 divu209@gmail.com
127 RS193 Dr. D. Arun Kumar MBA 9884520076 dkba88@gmail.com
128 RS145 Dr. T. Milton Tourism & Hospitality Management 9884143887 tmilton.thm@bharathuniv.ac.in
129 RS176 Dr. V. Anu Rangjanai Tourism & Hospitality Management 9884452437 anurangjani@gmail.com
130 RS033 Dr. A. Muthukumaravel MCA 9500137273 muthu14673@gmail.com
131 RS104 Dr. S. Thirunirai Sethil MCA 9443645536 senthil081074@gmail.com
132 RS141 Dr. M. Priya Computer Applications 7550149058 priya.arts@bharathuniv.ac.in
133 RS169 Dr. A. Raghunatha Reddy Law 9884244258 raghu_alu@yahoo.com
134 RS052 Dr. M. Chitrakannu Tamil 9841453982 drchitrakannu77@gmail.com
135 RS109 Dr. S. Palpandi Tamil 8754317228 palpandi8@rediffmail.com
136 RS179 Dr. J. Antony Jeyasheela Tamil 9445157205 j.sheelabritto@gmail.com
137 RS180 Dr. R. Balakrishnan Tamil 9626382848 balatk86@gmail.com
138 RS051 Dr. V. Manimozhi English   manimozhi.eng@bharathuniv.ac.in
139 RS163 Dr. P. Arcokia Nathan English 9003944137 arockia.india@gmail.com
140 RS047 Dr. A. Manikandan Chemistry 9884354800 manikandana.che@bharathuniv.ac.in
141 RS050 Dr. K. Rajendran Chemistry 9884126287 rajendran1317@gmail.com
142 RS173 Dr. G. Mathubala Chemistry 9843264031 madhu2705@gmail.com
143 RS188 Dr. G. Padmapriya Chemistry 8056109011 ppchemhod@bharathuniv.ac.in
144 RS189 Dr. P. Paulraj Chemistry 9551246321 paulrajp.che@bharathuniv.ac.in
145 RS190 Dr. G. Gurumoorthy Chemistry 8608804421 gurugovindchem@gmail.com
146 RS191 Dr. T. Ezhilarasu Chemistry 9994958844 ezhilchem6@gmail.com
147 RS192 Dr. K. Kannan Chemistry 8838742435 kadavulkannan2biher@gmail.com
148 RS194 Dr. M. Kumar Chemistry 9994979995 kmrorg@gmail.com
149 RS212 Dr. V. L. Chandraboss Chemistry 9047625729 chandraboss.chem.cbcs@bharathuniv.ac.in
150 RS214 Dr. P. Magesan Chemistry 9786243356 magesan.chem.cbcs@bharathuniv.ac.in
151 RS221 Dr. P. Kamaraj Chemistry 9444455865 dean.sh@bharathuniv.ac.in
152 RS174 Dr. A. Balu Economics 9840065513 balrek77@gmail.com
153 RS208 Dr. S. Selvarasu Economics 8939446530 selvam_gnanam@yahoo.co.in
154 RS119 Dr. S. Vasanth S&H - Bio Chemistry 9943201433 sakthivel.vasanth@gmail.com
155 RS162 Dr. S. Kanimozhi S&H - Bio Chemistry 9444567800 kanimozhi.vs@gmail.com
156 RS183 Dr. T. Kalaiarasu S&H - Bio Chemistry 9944818841 kalaiarasu2787@gmail.com
157 RS203 Dr. A. Parthasarathy S&H - Bio Chemistry 8838654300 parthasarathy.micro@bharathuniv.ac.in
158 RS181 Dr. V. Padmapriya S&H - Bio Technology 8825964906 padmarpriyav@gmail.com
159 RS195 Dr. J. Senthil S&H - Bio Technology 9840272933 senthil.bio@bharathuniv.ac.in
160 RS216 Dr. Angelin Julius S&H - Bio Technology 9884676110 angeline.ibt@bharathuniv.ac.in
161 RS215 Dr. S. Suresh Kumar S&H - Bio Technology 9361723864 pvc_gp@bharathuniv.ac.in
162 RS217 Dr. R. R. Remya S&H - Bio Technology 9442302777 remya.ibt@bharathuniv.ac.in
163 RS220 Dr. Narenkumar Jayaraman S&H - Bio Technology 9047875271 narencherry77@gmail.com
164 RS182 Dr. V. Janaki Devi S&H - Microbiology 9840514076 microjanu@yahoo.co.in
165 RS219 Dr. P. Velmurugan S&H - Microbiology 9489789428 palanivelmurugan2008@gmail.com
166 RS227 Dr. Rajesh Pandian S&H - Microbiology 9994439541 raju19marc@gmail.com
167 RS044 Dr. N. Ramya Mathematics 9710602510 ramya.maths@bharathuniv.ac.in
168 RS199 Dr. M. Siva Mathematics 9840836838 sivamurthy04@gmail.com
169 RS200 Dr. M. Kavitha Mathematics 9787487741 kavithakathir3@gmail.com
170 RS201 Dr. R. Ishwariya Mathematics 9597632207 ishrosey@gmail.com
171 RS100 Dr. Velavan Physics 9791661272 physics.bharath@gmail.com
172 RS138 Dr. E. Thirumal Physics 7397598835 esthirumal@gmail.com
173 RS184 Dr. S. Anandhi Physics 8122612151 anandhi818@yahoo.co.in
174 RS185 Dr. K. Thiyagarajan Physics 9445669307 thiyaguphysics@gmail.com
175 RS186 Dr. V. Hemanth Kumar Physics 9611979850 hemmatsci@gmail.com
176 RS187 Dr. J. Lavanya Physics 9962337720 lavanyajth@gmail.com
177 RS108 Dr. S. Usha Zoology/Genetics 9841613271 ushat75@yahoo.com
178 RS218 Dr. Vasudevan Ramachandran Genetics 9940249801 vasudevanramachandran@bharathuniv.ac.in
179 RS228 Dr. T. Nirmala Electronic Media & Media Studies 9962558591 viscom.hod@bharathuniv.ac.in
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Robo Soccer winner Nanyang Singapore
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World Robotics Championship Istanbul,Turkey
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Student Winners of AUT Cup 2012,Tehran Iran
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World Robotruck winners
  • National Research Award in the field of Clinical Genetics 2009, Delhi, Awarded to Dr.C.Deepak, By Indian Orthodontic Society
  • Best Researcher Award-2010 by Indian Society for Dental Research in the field of Periodontology, Chennai, India
  • Best Research award in Periodontology, Awarded for Dr.Anitha by Indian society for Dental Research 2010
  • Ms.Anitha Ajith of Industrial Bio technology got the Young Scientist award in the year 2011 from Govt. Of India.
  • Best Preventive Orthodontic research award, Awarded for Dr.M.S.Kannan by Indian Orthodontic Society 2012
  • National level Achievement award received by Prof.Ilavazhagan, Dept. of Chemistry from APJ Abdul Kalam, 2009 for excellence in teaching
  • Dr Bhuminathan received Indian society for dental research award of research fellow in the year 2013 for his work on Diabetes and Oral Disease
  • Identification of Gene Mutation in Oral Diseases published in European Journal of Dentistry 2014 and Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention 2013,14.
Bharath University Research Featured
Dr.Kannan, receiving the best researcher award from DCI President, yr 2012
Bharath University Research Featured
Dr.Deepak, receiving the best researcher award from Honble minister, Dinesh Trivedi, yr 2010
Bharath University Research Featured
Dr.Selvakumar, receiving the best researcher award Indian society for dental research
Bharath University Research Featured
Dr.Gnana Sundaram being honored for research promotion by IAOMR, 2012
Bharath University Research Featured
Prof Padmanbhan being honored for research promotion by Delta Company Inc.,2010
Bharath University Research Featured
Dr.Raj ni, Invited to Birmingham to guide researchers of their house, 2011